Turri Inc. Streetlight Maintenance
Simple questions, simple answers

Why should my town purchase its streetlights?
To reduce annual costs and to improve performance.

How does purchasing reduce costs?
Municipally owned streetlights are billed by CL&P under rate 117, while utility-owned streetlights are billed under the more expensive rate 116.
For example, based on one 70W high-pressure sodium streetlight:
Rate 116 = $8.66 per month / Rate 117 = $2.55 per month

How does owning streetlights improve performance?
Turri Inc. guarantees that outages are repaired within 5 business days, and runs a relamping program for preventive maintenance.

Why hire an electrical contractor to do this work?
The Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection has decreed that all contractors working on streetlighting be E-1 or E-2 licensed.

Is this a complicated and lengthy process?
Not at all. Turri Inc. will arrange all the particulars, and you can have as much or as little to do with the details as you wish. Our 24-7 answering service fields all calls, and this information is available for your review in either weekly, monthly or annual reports.